What is Kudzu, anyway?   

udzu is native to Japan and China, however it grows well in the Southeastern United States. Its considered a major pest by the natives. The kudzu vine will grow as much as a foot a day under good growing conditions. Kudzu over a period of several years will kill trees by blocking the sunlight.  When the vine get a foothold on an area it will cover everything. It was brought to America as a ground cover to be planted along the roadways, it has surpassed all expectations, growing over trees and bushes, telephone poles, houses.  The plant from hell, but it is pretty.  The first frost will turn these shapes into dead leaves and soon after just gray vines. The next summer kudzu will continue growing.  Kudzu is edible, and many have developed recipes for its use. As a dinning staple it has not replaced grits, just yet however.

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