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November 2006

Late Breaking News

Just got back from the mountains with the new director Regina.  She jumped right into the spirit of the workshop. Here is her new friend Willie. Regina on Wilie


In Memory:

Walter Beal   November 5 2009

Guy Lipscombe  December 31 2009

Gatewood Roddey Kistler  Jan. 6 2010

Pat Roddy, Gus Kermes May 2009

Merriam McCray Nov.4 2008
 Suzann Marchin, Bobbie Cheethem

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BlackCat Risers
Raise you table to new heights with our risers.  Save your back for a week.  Only $5. per week. 


Original Hand
Cut Mats
(No two exactly alike)

Mats for Show and Tell (Gallery Night for some)

Pre cut mats will be available to everyone on Thursday 4:30-5:07 on First floor of the Conference center. 

All mats are pre-cut, some no special orders will be taken. If it don't fit don't get it.  Half/sheet-quarter sheet/full sheet. from $5. to $14. standard watercolor paper sizes.  Not sized for blocks.
Foam core 32 x 40  and corrugated also available. New Price on 1/8" foam core only $6.00 per sheet- half sheets only $4.00
Look for a price list in your confirmation letter.

BLACK foam core for show and tell presentations  Only $7.00 a sheet.  $5.00 for a half sheet.