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 October 30 2006

Welcome!  The November 2006 workshops begin this morning.  The weather could not have been nicer for our Sunday check in.  The high was 77 and the wind was mild.  Not many hitches, just a little wait for the first floor to get set up. I think it was after three before students were able to get their tables.  Michael the chef is still here and Sunday dinner was excellent.

rose at sunday breakfast

dinner chats


carl dalio and carla o-connor

last call for the dinner line

Monday Morning October 30 2006

Bradshaw class

Carol Barns speaking to her class

George James Class

Margaret Martin Class

October 31  All Hollows Day!  All rooms that needed to be changed were because of the fire in Live Oaks. No one was hurt, but the half of the entire building was without power. As it turned out, the fire was more damaging than first estimated. They thought they would have it on by the end of the first week, as it happened it was out until the last day of the three week workshop. A different experience for a lot of us. Haven't heard any grumbling maybe because everyone is hard at work, not much time for that.  Spooky.

just a couple of clowns

Seems the night was not young enough.

our models tim and anita in wedding garb. Congrats to them.

citizen witches

gals of the coven

Bikers Henry and Abby

Paint Campers





2007 workshops are in session!