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From first week- fall workshop 2001


October 28th 1:30 pm, the workshop has begun

It was just a bit chilly, but nice all day.

Polly Hammett at Sunday dinner. Arnold Carrouth her monitor.

Shortly after they opened the doors to the cafeteria.

Old friends Vera and AK reunited.

Classes begin October 29

from October 29th

Another great morning greeted us.

Joe Miller takes orders on first floor of conference center.


Images are from Arne Westermans Class

October 30th

Glen Bradshaw chats with a student

please note, photos were taken by mice as no visitors are ever allowed in the Master Class.

student shots in the master class

You should already know these people.

more of Glens class

This was just before a critique :(

 October 31st

The day progressed in an orderly fashion.

Dinner was different.

Fun was had by all.

November 2nd  2001(click on image to enlarge) see the week in review click here


Polly Hammett and Virginia Cobb talk to Beaufort King at evening.

Arne and Judy Westerman


From the Pastel class by Dailo

from Bradshaws Class

early morning