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The weekend and Sunday- Third week fall 2001

The horse riders were back this weekend.

A trip to the flea market was fun.

Pier walking is always intersting.

You just never know who you will meet on the pier.

Monday November 12

Participants cue up for breakfast.

Class begins.

Guy Lipscomb in Schlictings class.

Betsy Dillard Stroud classroom.

Strouds students tending their work.

First speaker monday was Michael Schlicting

At the monday night program.

Michael Schlicting chats before slide show.

Tuesday was a work day for most.

A little visit to the hospitality room after class.

Jane about to visit to By-George

George of by-george, Jane says she always gets slides before leaving the beach.

A view from the pier looking up the beach.


  Wednesday,   Gatewood Day.

Wednesday November 15 - on the beach a drama unfolds.

Thursday November 16

A special 'HI' for Gatewood, wish you were here.

We woke up to cloudy skys.

Janet Baker and friend on the way to see Mary Wells exhibit at the Bourroughs-Chapin Museum.

This gull is floating on wind currents. photo at the end of the pier.

Dottie came to coctail hour, photo with Guy Lipscomb.

Dottie meets Skip Lawrence

Dottie meets Don Andrews.

Dottie and the Velardies.

No photos from Friday, just too tired. Just an early morning departure.