Spring 2003

March 2-3-4 beginning Sunday Night.

Long lunch line on Tuesday..  we actually had to wait.

Lunch Line

Rest of the Lunch line

Don Waiting in the Lunch Line

This one was waiting outside the Lunch room

On Monday we had some sun, it was warmer for a while.

On Monday we all worked

and worked

and listened

and worked

and listened

even into the night

Saturday was a wash out. What a mess. It started raining about 2 pm and didn't stop until early morning Sunday. Then the fog. It was warmer couldn't complain about that.

Most of  the picts are from familiar faces- this is for you Gatewood.

Long line for return of dinner trays... must have forgot send the girls to pick up the trays????


Glen deep in chat.

Winnie is going to hate me for this., but Jane, George and Nancy look great.

Janet and Lee /Bradshawees

Hey ladies,

Pat Cook