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Art Supplies ETC

Art Express
Cheap Joe's 
Daniel Smith
Dick Blick
Hampton Roads Wholesalers. Inc Discount Art and picture framing supplies

Giclee Prints

Golden Artist Colors
-  Web site- product information-workshops-links
Meininger's Art Supplies  Online art supply store, art instruction, art news, great site.
Artists' Book Store
Visit the book store for links to your favorite Springmaid instructors art instruction books, magazines, inspirational books and more. Remember any books you order, on the web page or not will help support this web site.   All I can say is  GO!


Interesting Sites

Claude Monet's Garden At Giverny This site takes you on a virtual tour of Monet's
garden. Photographs of the two main portions of the garden and the text describes how Monet set about building his garden with the vision of the paintings he wanted to create.

An Artists Tour of York County  Complete driving tour of York County, SC takes your on an scenic and informative tour, stops are illustrated by photos and paintings created on location.  Information gathered was from historical research and discussions initiated by the artists involved in this project.

Artist 2 Artists
Meet other artists, have your work critiqued 

Finally found it: The Jackalope Conspiracy Uncovered  You got to see this one!

An Interactive site about Gauguin's Tahiti Paintings. Don't know how long it will be online. The show ended in Boston June 2005.

Interactive and Pointless
Hamster Classics See them dance, move 'em around etc. 

Can you Get to Z  - a game, Try it.

The Infinite Cat Project -  You remember the painting of the artist painting a painting of an artist painting a painting?  Well.....
(Note the URL
World Beard Championships


Workshop secrets. 

You will all know soon enough, but as a for warning, here it goes.  Next Spring the workshop will be trimmed down to only four classes per week.  The brochure is being printed soon and should reach you before you leave for the Fall workshop.