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Painting People in Watercolor-A Design Approach
by Alex Powers - Buy Now

Charles Reid Watercolor Secrets  by Charles Reid
Buy Now

Painting What You Want to See
by Charles Reid
Buy Now

Color and Light by Christopher Schink 
Buy Now

Watercolor Free and Easy by Eric Wiegardt
Buy Now

Composing in Acrylics
by Serge Hollerbach
Buy Now

Webb on Watercolor
by Frank Webb
Buy Now

The Artists Marketing and Action Plan Workbook by Jonathan Talbot
Buy Now

Painting Watercolors filled with Life and Energy by Arne Westerman
Buy Now

How to Become a Famous Artist Through Pain & Suffering With Many Almost-True-To-Life Cases Plus Easy-To-Follow Greatness Directions  by Arne Westerman
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Expand Your Creative Self with these great titles

Books About
Painting in Color


Movies & DVS on Artists and Painting


New! Down Load from Amazon Your favorite biography. On the page you will find Vincent Van Gogh: #71, also look for Michangelo #11, and Norman Rockwell #10 Biography

Emotional Content: How to Create Paintings That Communicate

Gerald Brommer:Great How to Book. Touches on use of watercolor and collage - how to give your work meaning. Recommended for Intermediate and beginners looking to expand their use of the mediums of watercolor and collage.

The Artist Inside : A Spiritual Guide to Cultivating Your Creative Self
  A fresh new approach to tapping into our own creativity, using the images and artifacts of our dreams.



Books by Springmaid Watermedia Workshop Instructors

Watercolor for the Serious Beginner: Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter (Serious Beginner) by Mary Whyte

Packed with great information in a step-by step format. Covers landscape, flowers, and portraits. Not the usual beginners book, it will give you much insight and inspiration to get you started on you watercolor journey.

Watercolor Made Easy: Techniques for Simplifying the Painting Processby Janet Walsh

Although reviews for the book are mixed this is an excellent reference for the intermediate painter who already knows a little something about getting the paint on the paper and is ready to improve on clarity and use of the medium. Demos are specific for painting flowers, and vegetables. Also information on setting up your studio and improving on the tools of the trade. If you don't know what level painter you are check out this quick fun online quiz.

Watermedia Techniques for Releasing the Creative Spirit by Marylin H. Phillis This book is about releasing the inner spirit of the artist through their work, strong design, importance of content and imaginative use of materials.

Watercolor from the Heart: Techniques for Painting the Essence of Nature by Barbara Nechis

Barbara Nechis A.W.S., N.W.S., is a renowned watercolorist and the author of Watercolor From the Heart and Watercolor the Creative Experience. Web Site

Creative Composition & Design: (The Painters Workshop) by Pat Dews

learn to think and stretch their imagination by learning new techniques and the importance of content. Pat Dews, is an elected, signature member of A.W.S., N.W.S., the National Collage Society and the National Association of Women Artists. She is the author of Creative Composition & Design and Creative Discoveries in Watermedia. She also has a video titled Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form.

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Collage Techniques by Gerald Brommer Buy Now Gerald Brommer NWS, A.W.S, WCWS, is an innovative watercolor and acrylic painter, collagist, teacher, and author. He has won awards in most US national competitive watercolor shows and has had over 160 solo exhibitions across the US and Asia. He has written 30 books and numerous articles, has juried national and regional watermedia exhibitions and has taught workshops in the United States and abroad.

Celebrate Your Creative Self: Over 25 Exercises to Unleash the Artist Within. by Mary Todd Beam  Buy Now

Mary Todd Beam A.W.S., N.W.S. is a much sought after workshop teacher and juror who is enthusiastic and energetic in teaching interpretation of the visual image. she has won major awards (including the 2002 gold Medal in the American Watercolor Society International) in many national exhibits, and has recently authored the book Celebrating your Creative Self, published by North Light the spring 2002. she also has a new video titled, An Acrylic Journey, from trash to Treasures, produced by Creative Catalyst Productions. her work appears in many books and publications and is also found in public and private collections here and abroad.




Hard to Find

No More Wishy Washey Watercolor by Margaret Martin   Buy Now

The How-to Of Sketching: Develop Your Ability To Produce Expressive, Lively Line Drawings
by Serge Hollerbach
Buy Now

The Complete Guide to Creative Watercolor
by Miles G. Batt
Buy Now

 Painting Light and Shadow in Watercolor by Skip Lawrence

Build Design & Color Using A Mouth Atomizer  Starring Mark Mehaffey  VHS
Buy Now


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