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Great for beginners

 Betty Edwards has a new book exploring color. This book has mixed reviews. But if you are a fan of Betty Edwards books, I recommend this. In this new book on color theory she will move you to a new understanding of color though a series of specific exercises. Many say it has opened their eyes to the possibilities.

Color by Betty Edwards: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors



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 Check out this Online Color Primer to get you started.



This Book is recommend for beginners and intermediate painters







New! Down Load from Amazon Your favorite biography. On the page you will find Vincent Van Gogh: #71, also look for Michangelo  #11, and Norman Rockwell #10 Biography



Books that teach you how to master color.

The first color theory book I read was by Johannes Itten.  It was a college required reading. I would not recommend it for a novice, but after exploring color for a while, it can be indispensible.
The Elements of Color



This is an excellent book for the intermediate painter striving to master clean and glowing color with transparent watercolor pigments.

Penny Soto's work has appeared in The Artist Magazine and Air Brush Action, and she is an accomplished painter and illustrator.


Color in Contemporary Painting

This book is touted as a great reference book not only for the intermediate painter but for the advanced painter looking to expand his or her horizons in the use of color choices in their paintings.   Not recommend for the beginner.