Jennifer Kirk Hamilton

About the Artist

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Bright colors and active expressive line work applied with energy and vigor punctuate all of her recent works. Dogs on their walk are the focus. Not from the perspective of a portrait but as you the viewer actively taking part in the scene, walking your dog, enjoying the experience with the animal right in front of you, exploring, sniffing, pulling you along into the possibilities that could exist or reminding you of past experiences.

Jennifer shows her work art festivals in the Carolinas and occasional open studio events and will happily open her studio in the growing historic district of Rock Hill, just for the asking. If you are lucky to know many citizens of Rock Hill, or on the East coast you might persuade them to show you past gems decorating their walls.

Jennifer was born on a Marine Base in Oceanside California, raised in what her dad called “Gods Country” on a hillside overlooking the almost famous (Napa wasn’t really on the map until 1968, the year she left) Napa Valley. Graduating in 1968 from Calistoga High School she left home to tramp around Europe, working briefly as an Au pair in England, then hitchhiking around Europe.

She met her married her soul mate in Germany, U.S. Air Force Sgt. R.L. Hamilton, returning to the states eventually moving her husband’s home area in South Carolina. The need to pursue her art grew in the next few years, driving her to seek formal training, first at Winthrop U. Fate stepped in when she was unable to complete her education there when the art workshops developed by a colleague at Springmaid Beach in Myrtle Beach began. There she has studied every year since 1984 two- then six weeks a year working as class monitor enjoying the benefits of learning and perfecting her craft from Nationally known artists.