Jennifer Kirk Hamilton


 Mystery of the New - Acrylic on Illustration Board  30 x 40

The focus of my work is my two dogs, which I portray on their daily walk exploring and discovering the world around them. My inspiration comes from the contemplation of a present reality. Like all walkers I am caught between reality of the world around me and a daydream. Walking releases thoughts, my mind wanders then is snapped back by practical concerns. The dogs are always painted focusing on the present. Swirling around them is energy, light and my projected daydreams.

I begin with a  sense or sometimes an emotion of the kind of feeling I would like to portray. All decisions of color temperature and pallet colors are made before I begin painting. I paint very quickly to build up layers, adding darker or lighter colors as I work. Each painting evolves as the paint leaves the brush. Many times I drop the brush and use a drawing tool to move the wet paint around, or add another element. Some of the works are achieved by spraying the wet paint with water allowing it to flow and merge into its neighbor. The canvas is turned repeatedly and drips are managed until the desired effect is achieved. I strive to create the illusion of movement in my work to entice the viewer to share in the excitement, discovery and joy I experience on my daily walks.

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