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ęCopyright - 1995 BlackCat Studio
Written by Jenny Hamilton with Eileen Nichols
All art work and photography by Jenny Hamilton and Eileen Nichols
Edited by Gatewood R. Kistler

This show was first shown in the Rotunda Gallery at City Hall in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It was one of the most popular at the time. York County is located in the northernmost part of the state, just twenty-five miles south of Charlotte, NC. Many of the original paintings have been sold but some are still available. Click here for the list of available works and how to purchase. Want to learn how to paint outdoors?  Online  Art Tutorial!

How to take this Virtual Tour: 
The tour makes a complete circle around the County. You may take the tour in several different ways. Using the main index you can click on 1. and then continue on the tour from each page. (Each page may take a minute or slightly longer to load depending on your modem.  Or you can jump ahead to any name on the index, return and look up another point of interest. You may also consult the Map Page. Each section of map will take you into a different section of the county. The enlargements of each thumbnail are "HOT MAPS" and you can click on the destination of your choice. To see where you are in the county at any time during the tour, click on 'Where am I'. The paintings are listed in sequence beginning in Rock Hill, SC. Click here for the Artists' comments.

If you wish to download the tour and take a driving tour, feel free. The driving directions are accurate and will take you on back roads, etc. You will need a full tank of gas when you begin, and a picnic lunch, (mobile phone and county map are optional.) All the roads were passable in Jan. of 1996. Some roads in western York County are wild and woolly, but you do not need a 4-wheel drive. Estimated driving time 6 to 8 hours if you stop for lunch.