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Get Started
Art 101- Designed as an introduction for someone who always wanted to but never started. Suggestions on art supply houses to save you money. Book suggestions to get you started and save a lot of frustration in your journey.
 Outdoor Painting Lesson

 Art Lesson- This a complete online art lesson in the fine art of painting outdoors. This lesson is geared toward the advanced beginner to intermediate painter.

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Definitions - Art is a world unto itself. To begin to understand it you need a vocabulary. Not every term or nuance is expressed on the definitions page but think of it as a starter kit for anyone wishing know a little bit more about original art and some of it's aspects. It's Art for Dummies.
Art Books
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Looking for art books or to improve your techniques, learn about other artists? Plenty of recommendations and links in the Art Book Store
Learn about color
color wheel.jpg (9527 bytes)Color- This is just to get you started. Lots of links to for more in-depth study, book suggestions, and for the novice the reason color theory does not seem to work in practice.



  Workshops you can attend:

Workshops at Springmaid Beach
SCWS workshops
Kootenay School of the Arts-workshops

More Art Lessons
Art Lessons ONLINE - A comprehensive list of art lessons you can find on the internet- some free some not- check them out.