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Learn to paint from the comfort of your home with an interactive instructor. (this is the most innovative web site of online lessons I have found.)



A Series of Basic Art Lessons-Free-Lessons created for Art Students

Art Wow-Contemporary and Classic Drawing Lessons-Free

Elfwood, F.A.R.P. Watercolor Technique  For the first timers, interesting. Free

Peter Saw: Watercolour Tips - illustrated instructional tips and resources for watercolour painters,   tutorials on  a simple landscape , composition, colour etc. Free

Rod Webb-Watercolor My Way - Step by step follow along paintings. Free

Pottery-Build a rectangular  baker, hand building techniques are shown.

Wet Canvas.com - for a variety of online how-to paint, (your cat in watercolors for instance) try this site.

Online Art Demo's - Duck and landscape paintings from start to finish.

Arm Chair Paint Classes.com - takes you step by step, from selecting materials to finishing the piece.

Big Brush.com - Download a free watercolor lesson.

Carol Higgs - Artist Purr-Suits Online Art Classes- some free, some not. Animals, animals, animals.

An Art Lesson - How to paint an apple in Acrylics (free)

Collection of articles on painting by J. Diane Johnson

Interactive Art School - Our art school is located in Forest Hills New York and specializes in providing art lessons via the Internet to students interested in learning how to draw or paint using still life perspective.

Home School to Art.com - lessons geared toward the young at art.

Crowisley Education Group-Basic painting and drawing principles and techniques from the Renaissance to the present
by John Hagan -Free

Black Horse Studio - Learn how to draw a horse head- Free