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The Fine Art of Painting

For the Intermediate Painter

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A short Explanation
Some call it en plein air French for painting on location.

The following primer will walk you through the necessary steps to get you on your way in the great outdoors in the tradition of Cezanne, Monet and others. Covered are the necessaries such as supplies and a few basic ideas on how to tackle the intimidation of being out in the open, to  how to deal with spectators.

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Pick a Site
Getting to It!

Painting Kit - Materials List

Transparent Watercolorists

You will use all the materials you use in the studio, such as your own selection of paints, pallet, brushes, paper towels pencil etc. 

You need a water jug with a tight fitting lid and a regular size water basin (a plastic container will do)

Clips to hold the paper on your painting surface.

If you are a standing painter a collapsible painting easel.

A board to paint on- If you use an easel make sure the board will attach it to easel.

If you are a sitting painter you will need one or two folding stools. The extra stool can be used to place your board on so you don't have to hold it on your lap.

Paper: use the same paper you use in the Studio, however plan to paint smaller if you are a full sheet painter.
A nice place to try out those watercolor blocks if you haven't used them before.

A nice size tote bag to carry everything

Don't forget the bug spray!!!

A camera, for site photos to work on the piece when you get home.

A book you might try: Composition of Outdoor Painting