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New work added Feb 15 2001

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"I Gotta Woman"  
30" x 20"


"Lush Life"
16" x 19.5"


"Bartok Diptych"
20" x 15"
"Black Jack"
10" x 20"


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"Daphnis et Chloe"
10"x 20"


"Take the A Train"
12" x 20"


30" x 20"


14" x 16.5"



The Synesthesia Series

The featured collection of cut paper collage is done on black illustration board with a colored photo  paper. Each piece is individually glued in place by the artist. The artist feels that only one type of frame should be used and a museum quality glass to prevent the fading of the paper.  Sizes given are for image area, e-mail or call Gatewood to discuss exact framing sizes and colors.

Artist Statement

My collages and paintings are the result of my trying to reconstruct the images I see when listening to music. Each sound has a definite shape and color which I represent by cutting the shapes out of colored paper. Each painting presents a cross - section of a particular piece of music, as the duration of music and the time elements are not visual matters. The evolving of one sense by another, in this case, sound evoking sight, is called synesthesia. Therefore, I call this body of work my Synesthesia Series.



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The Artery is Located in the City of Rock Hill.