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Post Cards to Dottie

From Nancy Perry- mailed in Anderson

Text: Dottie wishes she could be at the Anderson Soiree! April 21-22

Loved the Display at MB

From Mandy Johnson Morehead City / Mailed in Giverny, France

Text: Dottie,

Enjoyed meeting you at Springmaid.

Staying right in Giverny just down the street from Monet's gardens- lots of eating, walking and painting.

From Margori Green mailed April

Text: Dear Dottie

I hope my picture will help you and Vera remember St. Pat's

Day and all the loving ambiance and friendship of our

Workshop in March 2001.

From: Marlyn Phillis Mailed in W.Virgina

Text: Dear Dottie

You are unforgettable and you certainly got yourself into some

odd situations.

No modesty either! I've never seen a white body with a black arm.

Who was your Daddy? My son is a geneticist and I bet he could run some good tests. Come back & see us again at Springmaid. Bring your friends along.


From David Humphries mailed from Yorkshire, England

Text: Dotti,

Sorry it took so long to write- all these people fom Columbia arrived to paint in Yorkshire.

this is one of the places we painted - 'The Wellington Inn' in Lund.

Hope to see you in one of the classes again next March.

Best Wishes

From: Serge Hollerbach mailed in New York, NY

Text: Dear Dottie,

How are you? It was a pleasure to have met you.

Have a wonderful summer. Serge H.

From: Donna Shuford mailed in New Mexico

Text: Dear Dottie

Greetings from Taso N.M>! I'm here at the Intensive Studies Seminar. I wish you were here to all a bit of humor to our explorations in art etc.

All is going well and very exciting- Sat we will go to Gallery A for reception & show for the instructors. Katherin, Fran, Alex, Topher & Skip- Well see you next time in MB. Keep up the good work.

From Anna K. Singley mailed in South Carolina

Text: Dear Dottie

Hope you got home from S.M.B. in one piece (or 4 pieces) whatever!! Really enjoyed being with you - The only participant with no grief! Love A.K.

From Elisa Kathchin mailed from Conn

Text: Dear Dottie,

It was sure nice to have you at Springmaid. You look gorgeous.

I hope you enjoyed yourself and will come back again.

My best, Elisa K.