To Whomever It May Concern

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To Whomever It May Concern:

In March of 2000, Springmaid workshops had a very special participant.  Her name was Dottie.

In reality Dotti was an art project by Vera Jones and Jenny Hamilton.  To define the form it took is difficult, most would call it conceptual art.

An old store manikin was used to simulate the adventures of a real participant.  Dotti was taken and photographed doing and participating in all workshop activities.  

The response to this project was phenomenal.  While there was some who failed to understand the underlying concept that Jenny and Vera were trying to achieve, that number was a small percentage of the student body that last week in March at the 2000 workshop.

Both Vera and myself, Jenny are monitors at the workshop. In addition to the photo shoot we had a inordinate number of duties to perform for our respective classes. We also had to make sure that the project did not conflict with or become the focus of attention, because of the high level of instruction and intense study going on at the workshop, she had to be a part, but not a star so to speak. Nor could we allow this project interrupt our needed duties as monitors.

We wanted to have a display up on Friday just for Dotti and this took coordination and planning and most of all "time". It still amazed me that we were able to get this all done in one week.

One of the other elements we added was interaction with participants and staff, wherever possible we involved others. One way we involved them was in talking about the manikin. She was given a past, made up, but necessary. She was referred to as if she were a real person, until almost every one of the 200+ participants knew who she was.  Even if they hadn't seen her.  

As you look at the photos you will notice a lot of participation and interacting with the manikin.  

At the final display we included postcards.  During the week we wrote fictions postcards 'from Dotti' to either myself or Vera, where Dotti talks about her experiences at Springmaid. We then offered free postcards to participants to mail to us after the workshop and those are online too you all to view.

Special thanks to the Staff of Springmaid Beach Resorts, and the Students of the third Week Workshops in March of 2000, and to Patsy Tidwell, for their help, cooperation and support.

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